sol-gels and other inorganic compounds

Oxide sol-gel stable precursors

Conductive oxides and semi-conductors: SnO2 dopé, ITO, ZnO, Nd2CuO4, YBaCuO…

High temperature protective oxides: CeO2, SiO2,Fe2O3, Re2O3, Al2O3, Al2O3-Cr2O3

Oxides against wet corrosion: Al2O3, ZrO2, CeO2

Dielectric, ferroelectric et piezoelectric: TiO2, SrTiO3, BaTiO3, BaTiO3 dopé Re, PZT…

Catalyst et photo-catalyst: TiO2 anatase, brookite, La2Zr2O7, La2Sn2O7

IR reflective oxides: SnO2 dopé, ITO…

Magnetic oxides: Fe2O3, Fe3O4, CoFe2O4, NiFe2O4, Y3Fe5O12, BaFe12O19

Refractory: Re2O3, ZrO2, Al2O3, CuAl2O4

Oxides with optical properties: Al2O3, SiO2, BiFeO3

Rare earth oxides: La2O3, Nd2O3, Eu2O3, Y2O3

Photosensitives precursors (lithography)

Silica spherical particles in aqueous suspension

Silver and copper nanowires

Ceramic foam

Our Customers order us these studies

Chemical protective coating

  • Protective coating on magnesium
  • Protective coating and surface reinforcement on brass or gold coated brass (jewelery)
  • Corrosive gaz protective coating
  • White rust protection for zinc and zinc alloys
  • Improve waterproofness on wood-polymer composite
  • Colored coating as anodization substitute on Al

Mechanical properties

  • Thin coating on watch internal parts
  • Anti adhesive coating on molding parts or iron shoes
  • Wear protective coating for micro lithography mask
  • Lubricant Sol-gel coating as substitute of Cr
  • Scratch resistant coating for ophtalmic glass
  • Protective coating of colored PVD brass parts

Specific physical properties

  • Colored coating for glass and ceramic parts
  • Transparent conductive coating on PET
  • Diffusion barrier layer inside glass bottles
  • Mineral tags on  securit glass
  • Conductive colored coating on gold contact
  • ITO layer inside glass tube
  • Artificial opals coating on jewelery parts
  • Hydrophobic, superhydrophobic and oleophobic coatings
  • Leveling coating for D printed objects

Special coatings

  • Activation coating for electroless nickel plating
  • Biocide coating

our business model

Example 1

Dry lubricant coating

A professional tool manufacturer for carpenters wants to find an alternative solution to the hard chromium coating in the projection cylinders.


The tools are made of aluminum cylinders in which a segmented piston slides. The aluminum cylinders emerging from the foundry are nickel-plated and then chromium-plated, before undergoing a final boring. The project is to develop a dry-lubricating (sol-gel) coating that replaces metallic coatings.


To develop a sprayable composite sol-gel coating bonded to aluminum or magnesium foundry. This coating must withstand a temperature of about 150-200 °C and must lubricate the piston rings in the cylinder for 200 000 uses.


composite sol-gel based on organosilanes and a lamellar material has been developed. Spray deposition allows to obtain micronic layers perfectly adherent on aluminum or on magnesium with a controlled thickness. The technology meets the requirements with a simplest process and at lower costs. It allows a weight gain of the tools when aluminum is substitute by magnesium.

Technology Readiness Level: 4

Example 2

Replacing alodine

An industrialist wants to evaluate alternatives to alodine 1200 for light aluminum alloys.


To develop a thin uniform colored coating with similar performance to alodine 1200 in terms of adhesion, corrosion resistance and conduction. The solution must be Chromium free.


Develop a conductive, highly-adhesive sol-gel coating on 2024 alloys, applicable by spray or brush, and effectively protect against corrosion (180 to 500 h of BS)


We developed a hybrid composite coating with anti-corrosion properties (BS 500h), with transverse electrical resistance meeting the MIL-DTL-81706 standard. The work focused on mastering the synthesis of the conductive elements and the hybrid matrix, from the laboratory scale to the pre-industrialization.

Technology Readiness Level: 4-5