R&Dnano defines itself as an innovation catalyst. This young company, founded in 2007 to promote a CNRS patent (winner of the national competition for the creation of an innovative company in 2007), leads an R&D activity in the form of services with its customers. We use the stable sol-gel compounds we have developed to create innovative coatings and surface treatments for industrial applications.

Its founders are passionate about industrial innovation. They listen industrial managers and offer to push simple idea or exposed problematic to the stage of the prototype, or even pre-industrialization. Our different types of formulations allow our team to propose ingenious adaptations in wide diversity of industrial fields.

Located in Strasbourg, in the middle of the Rhine basin, R&Dnano has a team of 6 experienced engineers, researchers and scientific advisers. Helped by a strong national network, our company is currently pursuing its international expansion.

R&Dnano is a partner of the R&Dnano, a group of companies recognised for its expertise in the transfer of technology in the field of surface treatments. This structure is a partner of the IRT M2P (Institute of Technological Research – Materials, Metallurgy and Processes).

We contribute to different national projects financed by the ANR or the European Community. For example, R&Dnano formulates, in the AfterALM project, self-leveling coatings for metal parts resulting from additive manufacturing.