Are you looking for:

⇒ Up-to-date information about sol-gels?

⇒ Up-to-date information about functional coatings?

Substitution of a CMR product in your process?

⇒ Advice in the choice of materials for your application?

⇒ Relevant regulatory limitations concerning coatings and nanomaterials?

⇒ Help to draft your specifications?


Our experts are ready to help you in your innovation process and give you all the relevant information:

-on mono- and multifunctional sol-gel coatings

-on functionalities such as hydrophobicity and superhydrophobicity, conductivity, dry lubrication, protection against corrosion, biocide, their use and limits

-on sol-gel metal oxides and their use (catalysis, OPV, batteries)

-on the different types of conductive ink

-on funding (French or European projects)

-on regulatory issues connected with functional coatings


All our activities are eligible to the Research Tax Credit (CIR) and we hold the certificate of approval issued by the Ministry of Research.


Our Experts:

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Price List

As experts in surface treatments and materials in both academic and industrial matters, we will be happy to share our knowledge and advice with you. Two consulting and expertise offers:

⇒ Annual subscription:

Subscription includes: 10 monthly meetings by videoconference, 2 assessments in the fourth and eighth month, 1 annual assessment.

Monthly appointments, including:

  • a videoconference of 90 min max
  • drafting of a detailed report and proposals for solutions

Fourth and eighth month assessments, including:

  • a bibliographic research report
  • a solution proposal
  • a ranking of the solutions from the most accessible to the most difficult

One overall annual report

Annual cost: 4000 € HT monthly payable (333€ HT/month)
Possibility of benefiting from a discount of €1,500 on R&Dnano research and development work that could arise from this expertise and of course deductible from your taxes under the research tax credit.

⇒ face-to-face appointments

This option includes the appointment and discussion at your location or with one of your service providers, at your convenience.
Flat rate €800 excl. VAT/day (France)
Overhead costs, hourly rate to be agreed according to the assigned theme.

Signature of an NDA is mandatory for both types of consulting services.

Contact us to discuss and see our general conditions.

Jean-Luc Rehspringer, PhD.

–emeritus research director at the CNRS

-founder of R&Dnano


  • inorganic oxides
  • sol-gels
  • functional coating
  • inks
  • ceramics

-co-author of 147 publications and 7 patents

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Rodrigue Mafouana, PhD.



  • sol-gels
  • multifunctional coatings
  • hydrophobic, oleophobic, omniphobic coating
  • inorganic oxides
  • synthesis of silver nanowires
  • synthesis of silica colloids

-co-author of 8 publications and 3 patents

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Jean-Philippe Ruetsch



  • sol-gels
  • multifunctional coatings
  • anti-corrosion coatings
  • biocidal coatings
  • leveling coatings
  • deposition by robotic spray

-co-author of 3 patents

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Karolina David, PhD.


-business developer


  • coatings and conductive inks
  • organic synthesis
  • characterization of organic products
  • EU projects
  • EU regulations

-co-author of 13 publications

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